Industry Testimonials

Design Drywall West, Inc.

Design Drywall has been doing work with Volney Fike for 10 years. He build our office for us and he has the highest regard for quality as any general contractor we do work for. Volney demands competitive pricing and a high standard of quality in the timeliest of manner.

We have been in business for 35 years and we would recommend Voleny Fike for any project you are doing. For quality, integrity, timely schedules, safety, and competitive pricing, Voleny is your choice.

Randy Maley
Design Drywall West, INC.
Design Drywall West Commercial, LLC.

Lee George, Restired SRP Inspector

I have known Volney Fike since 1994. His father introduced him to me as his assistant supt. Volney’s father was a man of integrity; as he taught his son the same standards to live by. I’ve inspected several of his jobs, and he was always a pleasure to work with. Volney is a man who believes in doing the very best, and a hand shake with Volney is a personal contract.

Lee George
Retired SRP Inspector

Josh Ettesvold, President of Express Teller Services, Inc.

With our involvement in equipment installations and branch remodels throughout the Southwestern United States, we believe quality is the key to great service. We need a reliable General Contractor that understands our needs and follows up on their commitments. Fike Builders, Inc. has always shared these philosophies. Their unparalleled quality and meticulous attention to detail, makes selecting a General Contractor extremely simple. The company is surrounded by a team of professionals that possess a sincere dedication to every client’s needs. When selecting a General Contractor, the choice is clear...Fike Builders, Inc.

Josh Ettesvold, President
Express Teller Services, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona

Jim Clark, Clark’s Septic Tank Service, LLC

I have owned and operated Clark’s Septic Tank Services, LLC for 46 + years. I have known and worked with Volney Fike for over 35 years. He is a very reliable, trustworthy and honest businessman. I have been proud to do business with him; also will continue to do so.

Jim Clark
Clark’s Septic Tank Service, LLC
Casa Grande, Arizona

Chris Galvan, The Miner Corporation

I just wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your new endeavor. We’ve worked together over the last 14 years on projects of various sizes. When working with you we always shared a common goal of protecting the Customer and the Company. Your projects were always well managed, and all sub-contractors seemed to work in harmony. As a sub-contractor, this is a jobsite characteristic you don’t find often.

I know that you will be successful based on your work ethic and attention to detail. I hope that Miner Southwest or any of the other Miner Companies has the privilege of working with Fike Builders in the near future.

Again, congratulations on your new venture!

Best Regards,
Chris Galvan, Director of Service Operations
The Miner Corporation

George Leon, Structural Inspections Supervisor at City of Phoenix

Please accept this letter as my personal letter of recommendation for Volney Fike IV.

I have had the opportunity and pleasure to know Volney for 28 years. I can attest to his first class integrity. Volney is a man of character and I believe in him. He maintains excellent work ethics, which I believe; dictate his upbringing from his parents' guidance; that I have also known for more than 28 years.

Volney also comes from a construction oriented family. His father, Volney III., was regarded as one of the best superintendents in the construction field. Working for the City of Phoenix Inspections Department, I get to hear who does good and bad work. I have only heard from the inspectors throughout the city that Volney and his company have a good rapport with all those he works with.

Volney is a highly motivated man and ensure the customer's needs are met while maintaining the high standards of what is required for everyone involved. He takes the leadership role with the responsibility and experience this is needed for his position. Volney possesses the quality and insight that allows him to see the big picture while performing all this duties. He takes pride in working independently as well as being part of a team. He posses strong communication skills and is highly adaptable to all situations and ever changing demands.

In closing, I want you to know I would be more than happy to discuss my experience working with Volney Fike IV and why I highly recommend him.

George Leon
Structural Inspections Supervisor
Annual Facilities Program
City of Phoenix, Development Services Department

Colleen Miller, President/CEO of Southwest Healthcare Credit Union

Fike Builders takes extra time and genuine interest in helping our Credit Union achieve what is necessary in the projects we need accomplished.

It is refreshing to work with someone willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right, on time, and within our budget.

Colleen Miller, President/CEO
Southwest Healthcare Credit Union
Phoenix, Arizona

Bob MacGregor, President/CEO Credit Union West

I have known Volney Fike for more than five years. Volney has always been dependable and fair in all my dealings with him. I have used Voleny for both small and large construction projects. Regardless of the size of the job he maintains a professionalism that is so often lacking in the construction industry. Volney has a vast range of experience and will never short-change a job to cut costs.

I would highly recommend Volney for any construction project. Volney will get the job done as promised regardless of what it takes!

Bob MacGregor, President/CEO
Credit Union West

Dr. De La Fe

Over the past year I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Mr. Volney Fike. During that time he has displayed exemplary work ethic, timeliness, professionalism and honesty in all facets of our professional relationship.

The true measure of a successful employer and business owner is how they lead their employees through difficult time and times of success. Mr. Fike exemplifies this leadership role by leading through example. I have witnessed these leadership qualities by observing Mr. Fike over the past year as well as had the opportunity to meet and talk with many of his employees, all of whom speak very highly of Mr. Fike and consider him a great employer.

I consider Mr. Fike a professional client and friend and would not hesitate to consult with him regarding any of my business matters. I would definitely recommend he and his staff for any project you may have pending and would give him every opportunity to meet your requirements. I am sure you will be pleased with his work and professionalism.

Scott De La Fe, D.C.

Preston Sanders, CEO, Aero Federal Credit Union

For years now, I have worked with Volney Fike on various projects. From large commercial build-outs to smaller remodeling projects, Volney's attention to detail, integrity, creativity, and demand for the highest in quality work have never failed to exceed my expectations. I have 100% confidence in referring Volney to my friends and business acquaintances. In my experience, Volney's work is impeccable, conducted in a fashion that shows a pride of workmanship and has always been completed on time.
Preston Sanders
Aero Federal Credit Union


To all the nervous women out there who are afraid to hire a contractor, this is my first hand experience with Fike Builders. I watch many programs on the HGTV channel iike many women do and normally I would be terrified to hire a contractor. I would be afraid they would run off with my money or do a shoddy job that does not meet code or my perfect expectations. If any of you have ever watched the program "Holmes on Homes", you know what I am talking about. I want and expect the job to be done "right" or "make it right".

My overall experience with Fike Builders was "GREAT"! I have a two-story home and needed a bedroom, bathroom, and office on the first floor because I plan to live in this house as long as I possibly can. I love the location and preferred to remodel instead of build a completely new house somewhere else in Phoenix. Yet, if I change my mind and do decide to build a new house from scratch, I would hire Fike Builders again in a heartbeat.

The jobsite was kept clean at all times which I appreciated so much because I consider myself somewhat of a "neat freak". If any of you out there ever watched the T.V. show "Monk", you would think he was my twin. The people who did the actual work were professional, courteous, and downright fun to deal with. After a short time, they felt like part of the family and treated me and my home with respect and care.

I told my husband that I would never have been up to the project if I did not trust Fike Builders. I received my final inspection today and I am happy and sad at the same time. I am happy that everything went smoothly and turned out just like we planned. I am sad to say goodbye to the workers who I now view as friends.

In these harsh economic times, I hope my experience will give you confidence to proceed with your dream remodel or dream home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail